Welcome to the EPICC electronic learning site. In order to access the learning system, you are required to be registered for a course. If you are looking for information about the EPICC Program, please visit epicclearning.ca.

Your login access information comes in an e-mail when the Lead Facilitator registers you in the system.  Check your spam folder.  If you didn’t receive it, you can have the e-mail re-sent to you by clicking here, choosing “Re-Send Activation E-Mail” and entering the email address you were registered with.

If your lead facilitator registered you with your “work” email address, ensure you are aware of which domain name they used (@ahs.ca or @albertahealthservices.ca).  Many students are having issues with logging in/resetting passwords because they are not entering the correct domain name.  Although the original email will get to you no matter which domain was used, our system can only reset passwords and login using the domain name that was originally put in the system.

If you are getting the error message “Invalid Username or Email” when trying to reset your password, try the other domain.  If neither work, click on “Contact” on the lower right corner of the browser and fill out the form.  We will get back to you with some help.


Complete the modules below…


Complete the modules below…